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5 Fascinating Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

The chaga mushroom, also known as cinder conk or birch conk grows primarily on birch trees. Birch trees can be found throughout temperate climates across the northern hemisphere, in particular, north America.

Chaga mushrooms offer a variety of health benefits and have been used for medicinal purposes throughout America for many generations.

This particular type of mushroom has a charcoal-like appearance and has a density similar to that of a rock.  While these mushrooms are completely safe to eat, their bitter taste can turn people off. While some people steep them in tea, most enjoy chaga in supplement form.

High in Antioxidants

Chaga mushrooms are high in antioxidants, a nutrient that helps combat damaging free radicals by neutralizing them. Antioxidants are also said to protect against some cancers and reduce your risk of getting heart disease.

The antioxidants found in chaga mushrooms attack inflammation in your gut and fight off harmful bacteria, making them a favorite choice for health-conscious folks.

chaga mushroom growing on birch tree

Said to Fight Cancer

According to the Cleveland Clinic, Chaga mushrooms may be particularly helpful in fighting cancer. One study showed that when Chaga extract was given daily to mice, there was a 60% tumor reduction and a 25% decrease in nodules in metastatic mice.

Another study showed that Chaga extract inhibited the growth of cancer cells in certain types of liver cancer. In Russia and Japan, Chaga has been marketed as an anti-cancer drug.

Chaga mushrooms can likely attribute their cancer-fighting abilities to beetulinic acid which they absorb from the birch trees they grow on. Isn't that incredible! 

Offers Anti-Diabetic Effects

One study found that Chaga mushrooms could reduce fasting blood glucose levels, improve insulin resistance, and increase liver glycogen levels. The same study states that the Chaga mushroom shows promise is in being a drug candidate for treating diabetes.

This finding is particularly hopeful for those who suffer from diabetes, insulin resistance, or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

chaga mushroom in bowl preparing for mushroom supplement making

Anti-Viral Properties

One study found that the polysaccharides in Chaga mushrooms have been found to impede the entry of the HIV virus into cells. Another study showed the extract’s ability to completely stop the reproduction of the Hepatitis C virus.

And another study showed the extract’s positive effects on Herpes virus 1. More research needs to be conducted in this area, but the results so far are very promising.

Lowers Cholesterol

High cholesterol causes fatty deposits to develop in your blood vessels which can contribute to heart disease. One study found the Chaga mushroom not only reduces the level of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) but also increases your HDL levels (good cholesterol). Regulating your cholesterol may protect the health of your arteries and prevent heart disease.

The Chaga mushroom is a workhorse of a superfood that greatly impacts your overall health for the better. So grab a pack of Chaga Mushroom Supplements today and start reaping the benefits of chaga for years to come!

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