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Explore the powerful health benefits of restorative mushrooms with our 100% organic, vegan mushroom supplements. Proudly handmade in Michigan with no fillers, just the beautiful fruiting bodies.

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Mushroom Blends

Stack the potent benefits of multiple mushrooms at once with our expertly-formulated mushroom blends in easy-to-swallow, vegan capsules.

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Mushroom Singles

Individual mushroom supplements, which we call 'singles', are a great way to incorporate the powerful health benefits of just one mushroom at a time.

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    "My favorite blend is the Focus blend. I actually take 2 every morning and promise you, I have clear focus until late in the evening!"

    -Deborah K. 6/19/22

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    "I'm not sure this is a stated benefit anywhere but I get great sleep now that I take your mushrooms."

    -James D. 11/24/22

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    "I met you at an expo in Kalamazoo. I was impressed by your level of knowledge. I tried a 30-day supply. Now I'm hooked on them. Thank you for a quality product."

    -Dave S. 4/11/2022

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Fungi Fun Fact

The largest living organism in the world is a single mycelium network. Mycelium is the name for the underground system of "roots" that connect and expand the mushroom colony.

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Mushrooms Can Save the World!

They can build houses, and clean up everything from fallen debris in the woods to oil spills. They can transport you on a spiritual journey, and immensely boost your health and well-being. We believe in the magical power of fungi. Do you?

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