Kelsey - Founder

kelsey founder of Magic Moon Mushrooms holding mushrooms

Kelsey is passionate about natural wellness. In addition to her devotion and advocacy for mushrooms, she is also a massage therapist, personal trainer, and yoga teacher with extensive training in trauma recovery.

She earned her master's degree in Public Health from Eastern Michigan University, an experience that fostered her love for community activism and fungi research.

Kelsey truly believes that mushrooms can save the world - and not just the planet, but also our bodies (think immune system), minds (cognitive function), AND souls!

As the founder of Magic Moon Mushrooms, she combined her extensive knowledge of mushrooms with her passion for holistic, whole-body health, to create high quality mushroom supplements for others to enjoy.

She formulates recipes, oversees the growth and harvesting of all mushroom crops, and hosts events to promote mushroom education.

These mushrooms are made in small batches, with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. They provide the same nourishment and vitality as fungi foraged in nature, just like Kelsey intended.

Magic Moon Mushrooms

giant mushroom in the forest found by Kelsey of Magic Moon Mushrooms

Magic Moon Mushrooms was named in honor of the moon cycles that guide us, mushroom magic that connects us and ancestors that humble us.

With a deep sense of respect and pride, Kelsey built Magic Moon Mushrooms in honor of the indigenous peoples that developed and shared their knowledge of nature’s gifts.

It is on the path paved by those who have come and gone that allows Kelsey to harness the power of fungi medicine through their mushroom supplement offerings.