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Best Time to Take Mushroom Supplements for Maximum Results

Mushroom supplements can play a vital role in managing your overall health and well being.

Eastern civilizations have used medicinal mushrooms for thousands of years to enrich quality of life, relieve symptoms and ailments of many diseases, and give the immune system an overall boost.

Mushrooms have been known to provide a high supply of antioxidants, increase heart and gut health, relieve inflammation, and even slow the growth of cancer cells or prevent them altogether.

While taking mushroom supplements, you're likely experience improvements in your sleep, mood, and energy levels.

But does it matter when you take them?

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Each mushroom supplement provides individual benefits specific to its molecular makeup.

For instance, some mushrooms are known for increasing energy levels while others are touted for their calming effects.

You really can’t go wrong with when you take your mushroom supplements but it would make sense to take certain ones in the morning and others at night to reap the full benefits.


The general consensus for this mushroom is it is best to take it in the early evening. Reishi is known for having mostly calming effects as it enhances the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety levels, and improves sleep quality.

It can help regulate sleep cycles and decrease insomnia. Try a reishi supplement alongside a cop of your favorite sleepy time tea for maximum results. 

Lion’s Mane

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Lion’s Mane mushrooms are another fungal powerhouse that is perhaps best known for its ability to improve cognitive function.

Studies have found promising results in its ability to improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia, improve anxiety and depression, and repair nerve damage.

Due to the natural, energizing properties of Lion’s Mane, this supplement would ideally be taken early in the morning.


Chaga is a powerful anti inflammatory that can help lower blood sugar, possibly prevent cancer cell growth, and lower cholesterol.

This fungus is unique in the fact that it not only provides natural energy but also has a calming effect. There really is no ideal time to take this one.

Try it in the morning, when the mid afternoon slump hits, or when you need to unwind before bed. 

Anytime is the Right Time!

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Mushroom supplements can take your health and well being to the next level no matter when you choose to take them.

Remember, there is no exact time when you HAVE to take your supplements. The important point is that you DO take them.

While you can fully take advantage of the guide we have provided, experiment on your own to see what works and feels best for you.

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