Sacred Reciprocity

Sacred Reciprocity

The Power to Heal

Magic Moon Mushrooms is based on the belief that fungi have the power to heal - from the regeneration of the soil, to our own body, mind, and spirit, mushrooms have the potential to save the planet. Yet, to benefit from the earth and her medicine we must nurture and protect her. This bond of sacred reciprocity, conscious acts of giving and receiving that take place when we are connected to nature, is how we collectively heal. 

Giving Back

As stewards of earth medicine, it is our responsibility to engage actively in this partnership. That is why we donate 5% of all profits to a Michigan organization that seeks to protect our sovereign rights to plant medicine, to improve human health and well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education and advocacy. 

Michigan Community

Decriminalize Nature is an educational campaign to inform individuals about the value of entheogenic plants and fungi with the intention to propose a resolution to decriminalize our relationship to nature. Decriminalize Nature is a community grassroots movement sustained by donations and volunteers that actively engage with local city councils to pass resolutions that increase access to sacred ancestral entheogenic plant medicine. We will be supporting our statewide effort, Decriminalize Nature Michigan. 

Nature is Medicine

Though Magic Moon Mushrooms only works with NON psychoactive mushrooms, we strongly advocate for our unalienable human right to cognitive liberty and the freedom to explore our own consciousness. Magic Moon Mushrooms supports the mission of Decriminalize Nature and believes that restoring our relationship with nature is how we can save the world.

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