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3 Impressive Benefits of the Tremella Mushroom

The Tremella mushroom, also known as snow ear or white mushroom, has been used in ancient Chinese cultures for centuries as a medicinal antidote to many common diseases and to boost overall health.

In fact, Chinese culture currently uses this fungus as a treatment for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer to boost immunity and to treat aging skin.

This fungus has found its place over the years in cosmetic and skin-care products, as pharmaceutical remedies, and consumed as a superfood.

However you use it, the Tremella mushroom boasts an impressive array of health benefits. Discover the powerful effects of this amazing mushroom for yourself with Tremella Mushroom Supplements by Magic Moon Mushroom. 

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Contains anti-aging properties

One study found that the Tremella mushroom was able to protect the skin from oxidative stress and inhibited cell death making it a powerful tool against skin aging and stress-related skin diseases.

This is probably due to the enzyme SIRT1 these mushrooms contain which has been linked to increased DNA stability and regulating cellular processes. The family of SIRTs also protects against a variety of other age-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The polysaccharides of this fungus are particularly effective as a natural moisturizer to protect the skin barrier and promote skin health.

Good source of antioxidants

Oxidative stress, caused in part by free radicals, can damage healthy cells leading to DNA destruction. They can also cause many diseases such as the hardening of arteries, diabetes, gout, and cancer.

The brain, in particular, can suffer from oxidative stress which can lead to decreased memory, mood disorders like depression, and memory diseases like Alzheimer’s. Our gut is also extremely affected by inflammation and oxidative stress.

An extract of the polysaccharides found in the Tremella mushroom has been shown to combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals and fight inflammation. Buy Tremella supplements here.


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May protect against cancer

The polysaccharides of the Tremella fungus also activate macrophages, T-lymphocytes, and B-lymphocytes which enhance immunity and can also boost immunity at the cellular level.

One study found that components of the mushroom inhibited tumor growth in mice. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of certain sarcomas, lung cancers, prostate cancers, and liver cancers.

While the Tremella mushroom is not one of the most traditional kinds of mushrooms, it has certainly proven that maybe it should be with its antioxidative, anticarcinogen, and antiaging properties.

Whether you choose to add this supplement to your daily routine or use it in your cooking, it's time to start experiencing the health benefits offered by this incredible medicinal mushroom today!

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