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Magic Moon Mushrooms

Tremella Mushroom Supplement

Tremella Mushroom Supplement

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Tremella Mushroom Supplement

Rejuvenate skin and reduce inflammation

400mg Tremella - Tremella fuciformis

30 capsules per box - a one month supply

Tremella contains high amounts of polysaccharides, and Vitamin D. This mushroom has the power to reduce apoptosis (natural cell death for human growth and development) helping to avoid saggy skin, weaker bones, and joint stiffness. Tremella can inhibit the development and spread of inflammation, fight off inflammatory diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol, and tumors. Tremella has been proven to inhibit tumor growth and prevent oncogenesis (cancer cell development). 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sukari R.


Aaron L.

I enjoy these capsules. Way better then having to drink the powders. Yuk!

Vicki P.

I've tried many supplements in the past, but these mushroom supplements are on a whole different level. They have made a noticeable difference in my mental clarity and focus. I feel more alert and able to tackle any task that comes my way. These supplements are a must-have for anyone looking to boost their cognitive function!

Alyssa T.

I was skeptical about mushroom supplements, but after trying Magic Moon, I'm a believer! These little capsules are easy to take and have made a noticeable difference in my health. Highly recommend!

Omar M.

I've tried a few different mushroom supplements, but Magic Moon Mushrooms are by far the best. Highly recommend!

tremella mushrooms after harvesting

Tremella Mushroom Benefits

The Tremella mushroom, although used for centuries by many cultures, isn't one of the most widely known medicinal mushrooms on the market.

However, due to its impressive list of benefits, it is garnering much attention by scientists and health enthusiasts for its rich list of benefits including: antioxidative, anticarcinogen, and antiaging properties.

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  • medicinal mushrooms in the wild


    Medicinal mushrooms have been shown to enhance cognitive function, memory, mental conditions, neurological disorders, and more, potentially leading to a reduction in anxiety and depression.

  • medicinal mushrooms in capsule form


    Taking mushroom supplements can enhance physical performance including strengthening the immune system, supporting reproductive health and encouraging hormonal balance plus more.

  • mushrooms growing in wild for supplemental use


    Mushrooms naturally grow as an interwebbing of millions of mycelium. Essentially, this community-style growing pattern, when consumed by humans, infuses the energetics of a community-centered lifestyle. One mushroom, one spirit at a time.